Garden design

We start with an introduction where we will discuss all your wishes and possibilities. I always design my creations by hand and can also make them digitally and in 3D if desired. Please note that additional costs may apply. Any costs related to creating a planting plan are described under “Planting plan“.

Graden design dutch wave - tuinontwerp Jelle Grintjes

Planting plan

Creating a planting scheme that is interesting all year round always presents a challenge. There are many architectural elements that can make a garden beautiful, but with the right choice of plants, you can achieve the “WOW” effect. In my gardens, it’s really the plants that make the difference.

The cost for creating a planting plan varies and is mainly determined by the level of detail. A border design of 100 m² containing 50 different species requires more work compared to using only 3 species. For a detailed plan, you can expect an average cost of around €6 to €8 per m² of border. With a simpler plan, the cost will be lower. It’s only possible to estimate the cost accurately after considering all factors on location. By evaluating the site, it is possible to determine how much planting is needed to enhance the beauty of a garden.